COVID19 Signage & Safety Equipment

COVID19 Signage & Safety Equipment

We have a range of Safety Screens, Hand Sanitising Stations, Posters, Signage, Floor Markers for Businesses & Schools, we are addiing products daily to the website, so please ask if there is something in particular you are looking for, and we are certain we can supply for you.

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A3 Display Freestanding Hand Sanitising Station

A Freestanding Hand Sanitising Station, A3 Display Area with Hand Sanitising Message. Powder Coated

£148.00 *

can be shipped within 7 days

New Social Distancing Shop Vinyl Safety Floor Graphics

These vinyl social distancing floor decals are an absolute must for anThey can be made to fit any size or shape, with any message or style of your choosing, or you can select one of the ready made decals.  


£2.00 *

can be shipped within 2 days

Primary School Cartoon Animal Social Distancing Floor Markers

Brighten your School Classrooms & Coridoors with our Colourful Animal & Bird School Social Distancing Floor Stickers.

£3.17 *

Primary School Rainbow Colours Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Rainbow Coloured Social Distancing Floor Stickers to help with a Happy Safe Classroom & School

£3.17 *

Social Distancing Circular Floor Stickers 250mm

250mm circular Social distancing floor stickers for queue control and reminders in offices and warehouses.

£3.00 *

New Freestanding Hand Sanitising Station

Freestanding Low Cost Hand Sanitising Station, with printed sanitise your hands here message. Comes with 500ml Alcohol Hand Gel.

£98.00 *

New Signland Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Low Cost Wall Mounted Hand Sanitising Station, with printed message and includes 500ml of 75% alcohol Hand Sanitising Gel.

£48.00 *
Old price £50.00

New Shop or Business Hand Sanitiser Station

Standard Hand Sanitising Station with mounted hand sanitiser dispenser (which can be securely fixed if required) and disposable glove dispenser box. Comes with A4 updatable poster frame, one shelf areas to brand or communicate message.

£178.00 *

5 Litre Hand Sanitiser Refill

Bulk 5 Litre Refill of 75% Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser. Ideal for topping up smaller Hand Sanitiser pots at a cost effective price.

£48.00 *
Delivery weight: 10 kg

Astreea Medium Foot Pedal Hand Sanitiser

Astreea Medium Foot Pedal 1 litre Hand Sanitiser Dispenser, made from medical grade stainless steel for non touch sanitising.

£260.00 *

can be shipped within 2 days

New Business Hand Sanitiser and Surface Cleaning Station

Premium Hand Sanitising station with mounted hand sanitiser dispenser, disposable glove dispenser box, surface cleaner and paper towel shelving, plus waste bin for disposing of used paper and gloves.  

£268.00 *

New Astreea Foot Pedal Hand Sanitiser Small

Astreea Medical Grade Stainless Steel Foot Pedal Hand Sanitising Station, Ideal height for school children and wheelchair users.

£170.00 *

Hand Santiser Gel 500ml 75% Alcohol

500ml Hand Sanitiser Gel , ideal for use in our range of Hand Sanitiser Stations. 75% Alcohol Content, kills 99.9% germs

£8.50 *
Delivery weight: 1 kg

New Retail Bollard Covers Safety Message

These Triple faced bollard covers are ideal for getting the safety message across to customers before they enter your premises.

£60.00 *

Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Station

 A premium quality, sturdy and durable hand  sanitising station that can be desk or wall mounted in convenient locations in a facility. 

£95.00 *

Low Cost Freestanding Hand Sanitising Station

Low Cost Freestanding Hand Sanitising Stand. Adjustible height suitable for Adults or Children

£125.00 *

New Customised Countertop Safety Branded Sneeze Guard

Put the health and safety of your staff and customers first with a countertop sneeze guard from Signland. All of the products within our Health and Safety Essentials range have been designed to help spread vital messages and keep your employees safe. Branded with your own logo. Discounts for quantities.


£40.00 *

can be shipped within 7 days

New Desk Mounted Hand Sanitising station

A premium quality, sturdy and durable hand sanitising unit that can be desk or wall mounted in convenient locations in a facility. 

£95.00 *

Magnetic Vehicle Signs for Key Workers or general use

Magnetic vehicle signs can be made any size and any shape.  An excellent method for key workers to quickly identify their travel purpose is essential. Printed onto a vehicle grade magnet material allowing for easy placement onto your car or van.

£50.00 / 2 piece(s) *

New Safety Message Social Distancing Pull Up Banner

Our health advice & social distancing pull up banners, provide a clear and effective method of communicating vital health advice.

£60.00 *

New Social Distancing Screens with printed logo

The L-Bracket Social Distancing Screens Divider is designed to protect individuals in environments where there is close proximity. It’s quick to deploy and can be used in high traffic areas thanks to the weighted L-Bracket base.

£230.00 *

New Social Distancing Warning Tapes

We have a range of laminated PVC/PP tapes for use in the retail trade. The tape has a solvent rubber packing grade adhesive but works well on clean, dry, smooth surfaces. The tape is not recommended for outdoor use.  

£1.68 *

can be shipped within 15 days

Cough & Sneeze Guards Larger Style

Freestanding Cough and sneeze guards Made from foamex and clear PETG, these guards are freestanding and can be made up to custom sizes up to 2000mm x 1000mm. Supplied plain or with full colour branding. No MOQ and lead time 2-3 days.


£105.00 *

Counter Top Protective Screen

Counter Top Protective screen to keep customers and staff safe, low cost effective design, suitable for every industry.

£45.00 *

New Reopening Business Window Stickers 300mm Circle

Let your customers know when you are planning to safely return to work Made from 150mic Gloss White Self Cling these window clings comfortably stick to the inside of the window and can be peeled and re-used in a number of locations.

£9.00 *

New Protective Wrap Around Safety Screens

Protective Wrap Around Screens Protect customers and staff whilst in close proximity to each other with. These fully printable foamex and acetate screens can be wiped clean to be safely kept hygienic and sanitised

£45.00 *

New Premium Acrylic Safety Screen

Ensure visitors, customers and staff are protected, with the Premium Acrylic Screen Guard. Available with or without hand gap, it can also be used as a hygienic desk divider. can easily be wiped to ensure its clean and sanitised.

£105.00 *

Social Distancing Safety Desk Partitioning

Protect staff and customers with Social Distancing Office Workstation Screen Dividers. Easy to assemble partition devices act as a social distance solution

£95.00 *

Freestanding Linkable Partition Kits

Free-standing Partition Kits to create barriers and aid social distancing or use in a business environment for desk spaces dividers.

£178.00 *

New Rope & Pole Barrier System

Rope & Pole Barrier System, ideal for crowd control or for social distancing measures to keep customers the correct distance from your staff.

£90.00 *
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery
1 - 30 of 64 results

Floor Graphics Social Distancing

Floor Graphics Social Distancing

A Range of Social Distancing Vinyl Non Slip  Floor Stickers, ideal for offices, warehouses, classrooms etc. 

Hand Sanitising Stations

Hand Sanitising Stations

We have many hand sanitising stations available in stock or on a short leadtime. We have wall mounted, freestanding and desktop hand sanitising stations and counters. 

Safety Screens & Dividers

Safety Screens & Dividers

A range of safety screens and safety dividers, we have many more screens available some are made up to any size requiredso if you are looking for anything in particular please just ask!