Protective Screens

Protective Screens

We have a large range of clear safety screens available, safety screens for worktops and counters, desk screens, through to full length partition safety screens.

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New Premium Acrylic Safety Screen

Ensure visitors, customers and staff are protected, with the Premium Acrylic Screen Guard. Available with or without hand gap, it can also be used as a hygienic desk divider. can easily be wiped to ensure its clean and sanitised.

£105.00 *

New Protective Wrap Around Safety Screens

Protective Wrap Around Screens Protect customers and staff whilst in close proximity to each other with. These fully printable foamex and acetate screens can be wiped clean to be safely kept hygienic and sanitised

£45.00 *

Cough & Sneeze Guards Larger Style

Freestanding Cough and sneeze guards Made from foamex and clear PETG, these guards are freestanding and can be made up to custom sizes up to 2000mm x 1000mm. Supplied plain or with full colour branding. No MOQ and lead time 2-3 days.


£105.00 *

New Social Distancing Screens with printed logo

The L-Bracket Social Distancing Screens Divider is designed to protect individuals in environments where there is close proximity. It’s quick to deploy and can be used in high traffic areas thanks to the weighted L-Bracket base.

£230.00 *

Counter Top Protective Screen

Counter Top Protective screen to keep customers and staff safe, low cost effective design, suitable for every industry.

£45.00 *

New Perspex Tall Divider Screen

Tall freestanding Perspex Dividing screens available in three sizes to protect employees and customers and encourage social distancing.

£265.00 *

can be shipped within 7 days
Delivery weight: 20 kg

Freestanding Protective Desk Screen

Stand Free Wrap Around protective Desk Screen with acrylic panels and rubber feet for stability

£142.00 *

Freestanding Desk Divider

Portable Free Standing Desk Divider, ideal for offices, call centres, libraries and schools. Easy to wipe clean.

£30.00 *

New Clear Protective Retractable Screen 1 Metre Wide

A 1 metre width, 2 metre tall Clear retractable protective screen ideal for indoor use. A low cost repositionable clear safety screen. 

£72.00 *
Not in stock

Clear Retractable Screen

The clear retractable safety screen is a cost-effective way to provide a barrier in areas where individuals are in close proximity. 


£75.00 *

Portable Framed Partition Screen

A Portable Framed Social Distancing Partition, ideal for dividing offices, hairdressers, restaurants etc.

£205.00 *

Office Desk Safety Screen

Office Desk Safety Screens available in different sizes, protect your staff and visitors. Clear Easy Wipe Screens. 

£90.00 *
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