Terms and Conditions

  2. TERMS OF PAYMENT: for approved accounts. Strictly Nett One Month from date of invoice. The Company reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 2.5% over the base rate from time to time of Bank of England. It will be charged and payable on all payments, which are overdue by more than 10 days, calculated from the due date of payment until the actual date of payment.
  3. CLAIMS AND COMPLAINTS: claims arising from DAMAGE, DELAY or PARTIAL LOSS of goods in transit must be made in writing to the Company and to the Carrier to reach both parties within 3 days of delivery, and claims for non-delivery within 14 days of the date as shown on the invoice. Any other complaints regarding the goods supplied to this order must be made in writing to the Company within 7 days of receipt of the goods. No complaint will be considered thereafter.
  4. REDUCTION/CANCELLATION: this order cannot be reduced or cancelled by the Customer unless at the Company's sole discretion with the written agreement of the Company and then only on such terms as will fully reimburse the Company for any expense incurred on the Customer's behalf.
  5. DELIVERY DATES: the Company does not guarantee delivery dates. Any despatch dates quoted (unless expressly agreed in writing to the contrary from the address given below are estimated only and may be subject to variation by the Company at any time. In particular (without affecting the generality of the foregoing) if the Company is not able to proceed with all work on this order at the time it is originally received at this office, then any despatch instructions noted on it will be subject to variation.
  6. VALUE ADDED TAX: VAT is charged at the rate ruling at the time of Issue of the tax invoice.PRELIMINARY WORK: all work carried out, whether experimentally or otherwise, at Customer's request shall be charged.
  7. COST VARIATION: quotations are based on the current costs of production and carriage and are subject to amendment on or at any time after acceptance to meet any rise or fall in costs (whether as a result of any increase in the price of materials, labour, carriage or otherwise).
  8. FORCE MAJEURE: every effort will be made to carry out the contract but its due performance is subject to cancellation by the Company or to such variation as may be necessary as a result of inability to secure labour, materials or supplies or as a result of any Act of God, War, Strike, Lockout or other labour dispute. Fire, Flood, Drought, Legislation or other causes (whether of the foregoing class or not) beyond the Company's control.
  9. SPECIFICATIONS: the Company reserves the right to alter the specification of their product without notice.
  10. DEFAULT OR INSOLVENCY: if the Customer defaults in any payments due to the Company, whether in respect of the contract or any other contracts or agreements with the Company or ceases to pay his debts in the ordinary course of business or cannot pay his debts as they become due or being a Company is deemed to be unable to pay its debts or has a winding up petition against it or being a person commits an act of bankruptcy or has a bankruptcy petition issued against him the Company without prejudice or other remedies shall: (a) have the right not to proceed further with the contract or any other work for the customer and be entitled to charge for any work carried out (whether completed or not) and materials purchased for the customer, such charge to be an immediate debt due to him. (b) in respect of all unpaid debts due from the Customer have a general lien on all goods and property in his possession (whether worked on or not) and shall be entitled upon the expiration of 14 days notice to dispose of such goods or property in such manner and at such price as he thinks fit and to apply the proceeds towards such debts.
  11. LAW OF CONTRACT: this agreement shall be subject in all respects, including conclusion, construction and validity, to English Law.